The commercial policy of SHOP.PARADELTA.CH is based on transparency, we directly apply the best prices we can do on the products but we charge for our services.

This means: A customer who buys his equipment without having tried it at paradelta and who does not need installation or regale of his equipment, will pay the price without service.

On the other hand if you wish to try a sail or a harness, that one installs your parachute or your accelerator, we will do it with pleasure but the services will be invoiced to you.


On the SHOP.PARADELTA.CH site you can get up to 4 discounts on our products and services

1st Discount

Our prices are calculated on the basis of the European tariff, which represents approximately 5 to 10% reduction on the list price of the Swiss market.

As the reference price is in Euro, the prices displayed in Swiss Franc change every day according to the exchange rate.

We apply the exchange rate of the day (Exchange rate at purchase).

2nd Discount

We make direct discounts on products up to 20% discount

Example: 15% direct discount on an Alpha 6 paraglider - 20% direct discount on an Artick 5 paraglider, etc.

3rd Discount

Log in with a customer account (Free) and you immediately benefit from an additional 3% discount on all products.

You also benefit from the correction of the Tariffs of certain products, for which we have not obtained the agreement to display the European Tariffs.

4th Discount

Become a VIP Gold Member of Paradelta by purchasing the VIP card (50 .--)

you will immediately benefit from the following advantages:

  1. 6% additional discount on all products
  2. Repair Insurance: Repair of products purchased new, damaged during the 1st year (deductible at 150.-)
  3. 10 .-- discount on emergency folding
  4. Discount of 10 .-- on the sail checks
  5. Shorter lead time for emergency and sail control services,
  6. Reduced rate for Paradelta shuttles.